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SJ isn’t popular anymore?




image(SS5 Chile)


image(SS5 London)


image(SS5 Mexico City)


image(SS5 Osaka)

Whilst your bias groups were promoting to gain more fans, my boys were busy flying around the world to perform for us.


imageSo excuse me if you don’t see them as much, they’re exclusively ours. 



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140310 Sukira | there were many fanboys that came to D&E concert,
- Ryeowook: : I just came back from Eunhyuk and Donghae’s concert. My hyungs were really handsome during the concert. When we are at our dorms, they do not have make up, so we always joke that they look ugly. kkk..But during the concert when they made the poses and chrisma~ I was unfamiliar with them. They were really cool. Actually I cried. hehe. When I saw them on stage at its opening, I felt that they were really handsome. Especially when, there were many fanboys that came to the concert, that was interesting. Japanese staff were surprised and hyungs were so happy about that.
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140310 Sukira:
- Ryeowook: : Who in SM do you think is the 1st place when it comes to looks?
- Yunho: : Eunhyuk
- Ryeowook: : Is this a joke?
- Yunho: : No, it's not a joke. I think he's already handsome.
- Ryeowook: : Is it not Siwon?
- Yunho: : No, for me it's Eunhyuk